The truth is that special effects have become an important part of digital photography and you should also know about the different types of photography special effects. You can add them using your camera, but usually they are added through using special editing tools.


Black and white

In the majority of the cases the cameras make it possible for you to take sepia and black and white pictures. Nonetheless you should remember that these photos aren’t always of the best quality. This is why it is best to take color pictures and turn them into black and white by using an editing software.


The good thing about the different kinds of photography special effects is that you can remove the parts of a photo that you don’t like. If there is a simple, one colored background, all you have to do is to take a sample of the color and then spray over the item that you want to remove.

However, when it comes to types of photography special effects, you should know that it is trickier if the given object obscures another object. In this case you have the possibility to superimpose the picture for the background object to obscure the one in front of it.

Closed eyes and red eye

If you are an amateur and you are looking for photography special effects kinds most probably red eye is one of the most important ones for you. It is good to know that numerous cameras have red eye reduction functions. The good news is that there are red eye removal tools in almost any editing software.

The main point of these types of photography special effects is that the editing tools replace the glowing red color with a more natural color. Closed eyes can also be taken care of by taking the eyes of the person from another photo and superimposing them over your photo.


When it comes to the photography special effects options, you have the possibility to change the background of a photo with another background. For you to be able to do this, the foreground is supposed to have clear and strong lines. Crop the photo and then superimpose it over the new background.

There is a lot to know about the types of photography special effects for you to be able to use them correctly.


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