Wedding is a special occasion and a once in a lifetime event which everyone wants to cherish. The wedding photographs are the modes of capturing the memories. Naturally every bride and groom has the desire to get the best of those captured memories.

A lot of information is circling around; which also means that there is a lot of misinformation which hampers the decisions we make. To curb the extent of this misinformation, listed below are the top wedding photography myths which must be busted and kept at bay.

wedding photography myths

Myth 1: A Friend, Family Member, Relative can take the Picture from the Expensive Camera they have Bought

This is one of the top myths and a cause of the top mistakes many people make. Wedding photography does not comprise of just clicking random pictures from an expensive DSLR and a certain another expensive lens. The photographers are experienced in the art and with that experience they develop an instinct/ intuitive impulse which help them adjust the camera setting and make best possible use of every light/ setting. No friend, family member or relative can make the best of the wedding scene like a professional.

Myth 2: You must Search through the Net and the Magazines and Shortlist the Type of Shots/ Poses you want to get Done

Why would you want to do something like this? This is simply a myth based on the misinformation many wedding magazines and blogs troll out. These avenues do not accommodate the real world photographers and follow a fantasy world. In the real world, would you want to the photographer to follow a reading list you hand him, or just follow his experienced gut and capture the real world lovely moments in you celebrations.

The best idea is to just get a sense of the type of shots you want for example you may want the images to be more classic than rustic or more rustic than classic. Figuring out an approach and letting the photographer handle the rest is the best way to go.

Myth 3: Good Photographers are the Ones who Charge High Amounts of Fees

The belief that what is expensive is better has been the cause of doom for many situations and one such situation is photography. Not all good/ brilliant photography is overpriced and very expensive; though some best photographers may have high fees but that could also be their way of cutting down on work. So to think that whoever is charging you less is a bad photographer is only a myth and must not be paid much heed.

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