If you are a photographer who has decided to take on the professional route then you must remember to form a good and strong photography contract.  It may be a passion for you but it is necessary to bring in some legal clauses to make sure everything goes smooth while you go on concentrating on clicking fabulous shots.  Given below are some of the must have clauses in a photography contract for both amateurs and experienced photographers:

must include clauses in a Photography contract


It is important to discuss and lay down the price or payment details in a photography contract. Not only should the amount be mentioned but also the mode of payment, date of payment and the consequence of late or no payment. Pricing must be discussed and agreed upon in detail to leave no scope for any confusion.


The contract must include in detail what all services will the photographer be required to provide to the client. There must be a term describing the limits to which the photographer will go to meet the requirements of the client. The services must be discussed keeping in mind both the client and the photographer.

Deliverable Items

Another term or clause which must be mentioned in the contract is the details of the delivered items such as the photo album, DVD, prints, unedited photos and digital photos etc. whatever items are needed must be mentioned clearly in the contract to avoid any confusions in the future.

Days and Timings of Service

Another clause which must be mentioned in a photography contract is the day and time of services. If the services are time bound or temporary, then the contract must include which days or dates would the photographer be working on. This will avoid misuse of the photographer’s services.

Creative Control Remains in your Hand

While clicking pictures, one must have the freedom to click however he/she wishes to.  This is why the photographer must insist on having all the creative control in his/her hand. This will avoid unnecessary interference of the client on the creative aspects of photography.

Term of Termination

There must be a clause in a photography contract which must describe the situations or cases in which the contract shall come to an end or may be terminated. The contract must include the commencement and termination dates but besides this, the termination clause must also be given in detail.

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