In case you are looking for simple creative photography ideas there is one thing you have to remember: no matter what your subject is, you can be sure that there is another photographer who already took a photo of it. This is why you have to come up with an original idea.


Local environment portraits

For sure there are a lot of subjects around you that you have never thought about before. All you have to do is to pick a theme, such as leisure, work or living spaces and start from there. People will be talking about your project and for sure they will be willing to help you with it.

Windows and doors

Although this doesn’t seem to be one of the photography ideas that are simple and creative, you should still think about the windows and doors that surround you. In case you see some special ones, make sure that you take a photo of them. You could find smashed windows or peeling painting.

In case you are looking for simple creative photography ideas you might want to follow the lead of Flavita Valsani. The photographer started taking photos of doors starting at age 16. According to her each door has a personality. Maybe it is time for you to find your own doors.

On-going documentary

As one of the tips for simple creative photography you should find something close to yourself but that you aren’t directly connected to and start documenting it regularly. Usually the subject of the photos is supposed to be alien to you. It is a good idea to show your photos to the people involved.

From the hip

This is one of the best simple creative photography ideas that you will find. This is a really interesting technique that works great for street projects. Keep your camera at waist level and shoot upwards without even looking in the viewfinder. This way the subjects won’t know that they are captured on film.

City swap

When looking for simple creative photography tips, you should consider getting out of your comfort zone. This means that you may try traveling to another country. Naturally you can also find some unfamiliar places in your country as well.

As you can see there are simple creative photography ideas that you could use and you just have to try them to see which one suits you.


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