Photographs are the only way to freeze time and memory. Photographs allow us to escape to the past. Earlier, photography was regarded only to make memories but now in this era of technical advancement, the youth generation is gaining a great interest in photography and taking it up as a profession even. The demand for photographers is increasing.

The quality of a picture is improving with the duly advancing technologies used in the cameras, the ways and types of photography is also changing rapidly with time. Due to the influx of digital technology, photography industry is witnessing a boom period and hopefully, this will continues in the near future as well.

As the New Year brings changes to every realm, we can accept changes in photography as well in this year.

Travel photography

Wanderlust is in a way lust for good photographs. Travelogues are very much in vogue now and capturing the scenic beauty of that particular place in your camera is a must. On one hand, it helps to capture the timeless beauty of nature and on the other, it helps to capture some obscure region and give important information. In the editorial and commercial world, this will play a key role this year.

The Photography Trends in 2018

Quality, appearance and lighting matters

If something is beautifully presented, it is widely accepted. So framing and presentation of a picture are very important. It is important to decide where the focus should be, which portion is to be edited and which should be blurred is something to be aware of. Lighting is also a very vital tool to know which should be highlighted and where the shadow should fall. These visual aesthetics is expected become more important this year. The quality of a picture is improving with the increasing number of good and educated photographers and this is also expected to increase by leaps and bounds this year.

Social media

With time papers and magazines are getting replaced by social media slowly. It is now the best platform for the photographers to showcase their works and getting recognized. Using a hashtag they can be listed on the most trending list of photographers. Keeping in view this changing scenario of last two years, in 2018 there is no chance of social media to lose its shine.

New technology and call for creativity

To make photography easier for all the people, more easy to handle equipment are getting introduced. These vary according to their price, function, sensors, lighting, feature etc. in this way new technology and variety of equipment enable many common people to display their skills in photography and enable them to experiment more. In 2018, an experiment in this field with the help of technology is expected to increase and more equipment are hoped to be introduced to make this easier.

Technique matters the most

You can learn visual aesthetics and quality of photography but the technique of clicking a picture is something which comes from within. It is the technique of clicking a picture which makes them eternal.  A touch of storytelling behind every photo with a tinge of emotions, value, and reality helps the viewer connect with it more. The old trends in this realm like the “film look” is believed to diminish and the focus can be more on selective coloring and vignettes in 2018. As the number of budding photographers is increasing, to make your click timeless is the biggest challenge in this year and the time comes.

Youth is emerging in this domain

With all the tools introduced such as- digital capturing, editing and sharing, the young people get enthusiasm for photography. Having the lesson from the historic and iconic photography they establish the future of photography. This generation is always surrounded by digital mediums, they are more efficient in using the modern technologies. In 2018, more young people are expected to mark their position in photography.

Growth of video

People tend to connect with a video more as they feel the moment through it more. Through the sharing, likes and comments it also helps the client to fulfill their motto of interaction and engagement with the viewer. From the present scenario, it is clear that video won’t lose its popularity this year.

In 2018 along with all these uses of colors in photography, authenticity and brand communication is expected to take a major role. Don’t limit your editing to anything, outsource it. With everything else, this year should experience a great time for photographers with the help all the advanced technology. Don’t just take a photograph, make it

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