Often photography editing trends turn into clichés. Clichés are not always that bad but if they are not done correctly or without proper technique, they can spoil your photograph rather than enhancing its effect. Moreover, clichés when followed and refollowed, they turn dull and boring and must be avoided as far as possible. The following are the 7 top photography editing clichés which must be avoided:

1. Selective Color

Selective color is an editing technique of converting your photo into black and white and leaving only one part or element colored. This editing cliché has been used so many times that it is pretty much non-impressive now and should be avoided.

2. Extreme HDR

HDR, if handled correctly can work wonders for a photo but some people tend to go overboard it. Extreme HDR is another cliché of photography editing that everyone must avoid or use with a lot of caution.

3. Overuse of Filter Effects

There was a time when overusing filter effects of different kinds was pleasing and seemed really interesting but the overuse of this overuse has become a cliché editing method and doesn’t create that good an effect nowadays. It’s best to avoid this editing method as well.

4. Square Format

According to good photography composition, square format images must be avoided and the subject must never be placed in the center of the frame. But cropping the image in such a way that it becomes square is a photography editing trend which has now become rusty. It is better to follow the rules of composition and leave this editing method to the amateurs.

5. Frames and Borders

One of the editing tools that many like to use is to add a frame or a border. While frames can enhance the appeal of a photograph, it can also seem very clichéd. Borders with wide width must be especially avoided and the picture must be kept rather simple and border-less if possible.

6. Dodgy Blur

Some images can definitely look great with a little blur on the off-focus items but using the dodgy blur on every image and on most part of the image can be a big editing mistake. This cliché must be avoided at all costs.

7. Bad Tilt and Shift Effects

Bad tilt and shift effects can sometimes ruin a picture, even if this editing cliché is one which all your friends are trying out. Leave it to them and embrace your shot for what it is.

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