In case you are interested in landscape photography, there are some books you should check out to get some tips to make the shots better and to be inspired by the success stories of other photographers. One of these books is “Living Landscapes”.

Inspiring and Informative

The good thing about this book is that it comes with a lot of photos that will inspire all beginner photographers and not only. In the same time there are also a lot of tips on how to achieve similar photos which represent a great introduction into the world of photography.

What will you find?Living Landscapes

There are a lot of topics discussed in the book. These include simplifying the process of preparing a shot and actually taking a shot and to overcome the specific challenges that landscape photography comes with. In the same time the book also presents 4 landscape fundamentals that represent the basis of landscape photography.

Learn from the Masters

In order for the book to offer the readers some hand-on experience, there are also some guided tours and workshops to achieve the best results. For perfect pictures you will also need the right gear and the book offers specific information about the gear photographers will need as well.

Make it Shine

Since it’s not enough to simply take a photo, the book also presents some post-processing techniques to make the pictures look like they are talking to the viewer. The tips that the book offers are sometimes specific for given locations, such as mountains, bush, water, forest and also black and white stitching.

Case Studies

Getting this book might help you a lot as a photographer, because it comes with case studies of 6 images. This way the reader will feel like they are taking the shot and they can also see the results that they achieve by using a given type of technique.

What will you need?

Besides gear, there is a lot more that photographers need for a good shot, such as interesting subject, good light and then a suitable composition. The readers will realize that they have to find the subject first and then look for composition.

All in all we can say that it is a great idea to get this book if you are interested in landscape photography. If you aren’t yet, for sure you will be once you read the inspirational thoughts of the writers.


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