In case you are asking how was photography used in conceptual art you should know that over one hundred years ago photography wasn’t considered to be art. It was considered inferior to other arts such as painting or sculpting.


Photography in conceptual art

Nonetheless even back in those days there was the surrealist photography, dada photomontage and the constructivist photography. Only during the 1970s did people start using photography as the main means of expression in conceptual art and this was the time when photography finally took the center stage.

It is good to know about conceptual art and photography that it continued even during the late 1970s and it got close to the postmodern movement that was in the center of attention in the 1980s. Conceptual art has become an important part of the post-object art starting with the 1960s.

Some history

In case you are asking how photography was used in conceptual art you should know that the term ‘conceptual art’ was first used by Tony Godfrey in 1967. According to him this art reached it apogee and its crisis in the period 1966-1972.

In the 1980’s Lucy Lippard said about photography and conceptual art that the activists of that period had their roots in the 1960s especially in the field of conceptual art. In the early stages conceptual art meant the art practiced by Lawrence Weiner and Joseph Kosuth.

If you are interested in how was photography used in conceptual art it is good to know that Kosuth was into large scale photocopy. The fact that there were black and white colors used along with square shapes indicates that it is a minimalist art. However this art is more than just minimal because of the text marks.

On the other hand, the work of Wegner, regarding photography used in conceptual art, would have been painted on the wall of a gallery. This is because back in those days it was important for art to have a relationship with the place it was supposed to be exposed in. Again, this work is different from the minimalist work through the fact that there is text used.

When you are asking how was photography used in conceptual art, you should know that for a long time this kind of art wasn’t understood by the great masses. There were only a few people who could appreciate it and practice it as it was supposed to be practiced.


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