A simple photograph can appear artistic and appealing with the addition of certain photographic effects to it. You can combine different lenses and aperture settings to create truly distinct effects in your natural photograph.

Have you noticed the distinct ‘pointed’ appearance of stars and other water bodies in  the images that you see? Although stars definitely do not have the multiple ‘points’  or the shape that you think, a special effect can give you this attractive look when you focus on light sources. There are several names for these photography effects, namely ‘sun stars’, ‘starbursts’, or ‘sun flares’.

Here we have compiled a list of 4 ways you can get immensely immersive effects without the need of complicated and expensive image editing softwares.

4 Effective Ways to Make Your Own Effects

1. Bokeh

Bokeh effect is the one which you normally see in a photograph with the subject in sharp focus while the background is artistically blurred. This is the effect when you manipulate the light in the areas which are out of focus.

The difference in aperture shape and lens aberrations results in the background becoming blurred, creating a pleasing effect.

You can get this by simply choosing shallow-focus technique. This will create the bokeh effect for you.

2. Panning

Panning is when you move the image (or video) in a horizontal, vertical or rotational pattern. This is quite an old photography technique but has been known to give impressive results.

To perform successful panning, you need to remain abreast of the moving object before and after the shutter is clicked. This will create a distinct effect where the subject is sharply defined in front of a blurred background. Although this may take a little practice to get perfect, it is a wonderful photography technique to capture the pace and excitement at racing or sporting events.

3. Golden glow

The Golden Glow, as I like to call it, is also known as the Magic Hour or the Golden Hour. This refers to the time when the sun is rising or the time just before the sun sets.

There is a distinct quality to natural sunlight at these two times, which adds drama and interest to the scenery. This is considered to be one of the best times for capturing truly breathtaking images.

You need to be very quick when you are working with your camera in the golden hour as the light changes very fast and that affects your pictures. It allows you to capture images with a warm and golden glow, giving it a unique glamorous and ethereal appearance.

4. Fill Flash

Fill flash technique is quite simple yet gives extremely clear and impressive effect to your images. In this, you need to fill the darker areas in the picture, especially when the background is light and bright.

To get this effect, you need to adjust the shutter speed and aperture in a way that it correctly exposes the background. You can use flash to light up the foreground (or subject in focus) and at the same time maintain the effects of the background.

These are the 4 effective ways that you can get truly professional looking and impressive photos without the need to use costly post-editing software’s.

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