Fashion photography is not only the most popular forms of commercial photography but is also considered to be the toughest. It deals with clicking fashion models who showcase or model clothes, accessories, commercial products or any other product.

In order to get out the best from the model and click great pictures, it is very important for fashion photographers to communicate with the subjects throughout the shoot. The following are some of the best ways to communicate with your subject during one such shoot.

communicating with your subject during a fashion shoot

Provide Positive Reinforcement

In order to bring out the best performance from the model, it is very important to provide positive reinforcement.  A lot of models are self conscious and all they need is a positive word from the photographer to perform to the best of their abilities.  As a photographer, you must keep giving the model reassurance that they are doing well.

Build a Relationship

Another great way to communicate with your subject during a fashion shoot is to create a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere by getting a little familiar with the model. Make sure that you sit down and have a little conversation before the shoot.  Remember to remain professional at the same time. This will put the model at ease and will be able to make them open up and give great shots.

Know the Strengths and Limits of your Model

While you are communicating with the model and telling him/her how to pose, you must learn both the strengths and the limits of the model.  This will help you get the best out of them without pushing them too much.  If a model is not comfortable posing in lingerie etc, do not force him/her to and always make sure you ask first.

Give them Directions

It is the job of a photographer to give the model certain and clear directions. A lot of models have a natural quality to pose correctly but many work better on directions. Be as specific as you can and do not lose patience if the model is not able to get your directions on the first go.

Compliment them

Another great way to communicate with your model during a fashion shoot is to give them genuine compliments. Nothing works better than a good compliment for anyone who is facing the camera. Remember to remain decent while complimenting.

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