In the era of digital cameras there might be more common problems for photographers than you might think. Although digital cameras solve a lot of problems, they also create new ones. However, the good news is that there is a solution for every problem.


Duplicate photos

One of the most common problems of photographers is downloading the same photo several times. These photos take physical space and you could waste time tracking them all down.

Nonetheless, there is a solution for your problem. There are several softwares for deleting the duplicates.

In order to solve the problems of photographers that are common you may be using software like Duplicate Killer that you can find for free.

There is also Photo Sort that you can buy for $25. Duplicate Image Finder and Check Identical Files also work quite well.

Recovering deleted photos

Deleting photos is another one of the common problems for photographers. Again, you can use software to recover these photos. Think about Recuva that you can find for free. PC Inspect File Recovery and PC Inspector Recovery also work on your hard drive and SD card.

The subjects

The photographers are often looking for photos of a give subject. In order to solve this one of the frequent problems of photographers think about facial recognition software and tagging. This is especially important for the people creating scrapbooks.

Photo formats

In case you encounter some of the common problems for photographers, you might know that it could turn out to be difficult to change the formats of the photos. In many cases the cameras create photos in .raw format. This is difficult to handle so you will have to use something like RawTherapee.


One of the biggest dilemmas regarding the photographers’ frequent problems is how to organize the photos. One of the handiest tools to organize photos is Picasa. This web based program will help you organize the photos into albums and you can add tags to them to find them easier.

As you can see, all of the common problems for photographers have some easy and fast solutions; you just have to look for them. In many cases you will need specific software that was meant to help photographers, and the good news is that there are numerous open-source softwares for you to use. Make sure that you give them a thought before giving up.


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