Solo trips could be awesome! This is the time when you could be yourself, explore the world, meet new people, let yourself loose, and can do whatever you want. But wouldn’t you like to capture these moments in your camera? Obviously you would? So, this article will guide you about the best camera phones which you could take on your solo tips.

Apple iPhone X

Apple is the world leader in manufacturing flagship smartphones. While their devices are equipped with most Apple I Phone Xof the advanced technologies, the most important feature they provide is their high-tech camera. In fact, the Apple iPhone X offers a camera which is no less than a DSLR. The device has the following features: 12MP telephoto cameras, f/1.8 wide-angle aperture, f/ 2.4 telephoto aperture, digital zoom up to 10 x, dual optical image stabilization, panorama, and all other necessary optical sensors. So, you can see that the device is capable of producing vibrant photos and crisp photos.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

It is a well-known fact that Samsung is the strongest competitor of Apple. Be it using Samsung Galaxy Note 8latest technologies or thinking out of the box, both the companies go side by side. And same is the case for camera quality. The latest note 8 from Samsung has one of the best cameras. It is equipped with optical zoom, dual OIS, f/ 1.7 bright lenses, 12 MP dual sensors, low light mode, etc. The camera can take clear crisp shots even if you fail to hold it in steady mode. So, whether you are over a hilltop or inside a cave, the phone could serve as your companion wherever you travel.

Google Pixel 2

Google, the tech giant, has launched Google Pixel 2 in the previous year. While the phone is a flagship Google Pixel 2killer in terms of specs, its camera is one of the outstanding features among all. The device comes with 12 MP dual cameras of f/ 1.8 apertures. Like its competitors, the smartphone offers all sorts of optical sensors photo enthusiasts look for. The device is very much capable of taking breath-taking shots and producing DSLR like vibrant images.

LG V30

LG V30 is capable of taking killer photos with its camera. The photos clicked through it are LG V30detailed, crisp and vibrant. While the lenses are equipped with latest technologies to click crystal clear shots during the day and night, the day-light images score far well than the low-light images. Undoubtedly this is one of the best camera phones manufactured by LG so far.

Samsung Galaxy S8+

Samsung defines the galaxy s8+ camera as “a camera built for every moment.” Samsung Galaxy S8+And this is fully true. The galaxy S8+ camera is one of the best cameras available on the market. Though the smartphone is built to provide powerful features in terms of processing, speed, etc. it also offers the best camera. The back camera is a 12 MP, f/ 1.7 while the front camera is 8 MP with an aperture of f/ 1.7. Both the cameras are able to process multiple-frame crystal clear images. Hence, it could be the perfect solution for photographers on a solo trip.

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