vupoint 35mm film scannerEven after the revolution of digital camera also, there are some photographers who click their images in film format.

Film format means taking images with the help of negatives.

Do you remember the processing method of these negatives? This is a time and money consuming process. You need to print every photo and then choose best photos from them.

This is an old method; now you have an innovative product to cut down your money and save your time in processing unnecessary photos.

The product is VuPoint 35mm Film Scanner. You can keep your negatives in this scanner and format these negative images into digital image and select the photo which you need to print.

You can scan these negatives and slide them as digital photos, thus making sharing an easy task. You can print them, email them or upload them in some online sharing sites.

The old slide scanners were very slow in operation and costly too. It also re-corrects the color balance and brings life to the faded negatives.

This is also easy to use. This compact USB scanner allows you to roll a strip of negatives or color slides and transfer them into 5.0 megapixel pictures. The output of the images can be in JPG or TIF formats.

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