veho film and slide converterDid you ever give a projector presentation? No, Not with the help of PowerPoint! Do you know that there is another probable method or olden day’s method that is used in giving projector presentation?

You must have seen somewhere that collection of 35 mm white framed slides is placed in round housing carousel for giving a projection or slide show.But these slides consumes lot of your time.

You need to change these films into digital [Digital Camera] form for making the presentation easy.

There are many people who live in era of power point and still gather slides from attic in giving the presentation.

You need to change these slides into digital form for enduring your work for more years. How to change these slides into digital form? The answer is Veho Film and Slide Converter.

You just need to plug this converter to the laptop or computer USB and then start the conversion process. The in-built camera clicks the images in the slides in 5 MP and provides you with top quality pictures.

Film scanner and slide scanner are built in compact Veho Film and Slide Converter and save you much space at the desktop.

The software helps you in making the scanning process easy and quick. USB interface gives you easy installation and makes the work easy.

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