A tripod is one of the most essential accessories for a photographer and is also one which is the most misused. A tripod is used incorrectly not only by beginners but sometimes also by professional or experienced photographers. There are many things to keep in mind while using a tripod. Below given is a list of the 7 tripod mistakes that should be avoided.

tripod mistakes every photographer makes1. Flimsy Tripod

This one is actually a no brainer. Most people avoid spending on tripods after spending enough on cameras and lenses and thus face the problem of flimsy tripods. You must ensure that your tripod stand is firmly set into the ground and is sturdy enough for your camera’s weight.

2. Leaving the Tripod Behind

True, tripods are heavy and bulky to carry around but leaving them behind can be a big mistake and is one which every photographer makes and then regrets. If you are concerned about the bulkiness, then you must think about investing in a new and more portable kind of a tripod with a tripod bag that can be hung on the shoulders.

3. Extending Centercolumn

Extending center column is yet another common tripod mistake which many photographers are often found making., doing this can provide a much less stable platform and must be avoided unless you are not completely sure about it.

4. Extending the Bottom Section of Legs First

The bottom section of the tripod legs are less stable and must not be extended first. If you do not require the full height of the tripod, then it is better to use the upper, thicker sections and not the lower ones.

5. Not Leveling the Shoulder

Many tripod stands have a spirit level built in to the shoulders and this helps to see whether the tripod is properly balanced or not. Not using this spirit level to check the shoulder balance is another common mistake which many make.

6. Carrying the Camera on the Tripod

It is true that fixing in the camera and then taking it out again and again can be very time consuming but carrying your camera on the tripod stand is a big mistake and can be risky. This mistake must be avoided for the safety of the camera.

7. Erecting Tripod on Wet Sand

While doing beach photography, many photographers tend to erect their tripod onto the wet sand which can be a risky mistake. To avoid this mistake, you can use snow shoes for the tripod.

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