standpouchThe most necessary things that professional photographers should carry are camera, photographic lenses, photographic filters and tripod.

All the other necessities have emerged in small compact form, but only the tripod did not cut down its size.

An amateur photographer does not show any interest in using the tripod as this is nightmare for many photographers.

But you cannot overrule the importance of tripod just because of the fear of tripod weight.

Even professional photographers cannot click images in uneven surfaces, so apprentice photographers require tripods when shooting pictures in uneven surfaces.

The best solution to get the benefits of tripod and cut down the weight of the tripod is use a StandPouch. This is very much preferred for point-and-shoot cameras or digital camera.

This StandPouch can even carry your digital camera and can even act as a tripod in giving you steady pictures.

Outside of the StandPouch is sturdy to bear the weight of the digital camera and inside of the StandPouch is soft to provide safety to the camera.

This has a tripod connector built in the front side of the StandPouch, you can connect your camera to this and this acts as a tripod.

This StandPouch comes in many different sizes for supporting the cameras of all possible sizes.

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