spy backpack portaDid you ever see a photographer who captures the images secretly? Secretly capturing the images can be sometimes a risky job.

Even though you capture them properly, you have the fear of getting caught. Once you are caught, you lose your photos.

Do you feel that you need to capture photos and at once send them to the web making the photos safe?

Then there is a device that makes your wish come true i.e. Spy Backpack Porta 2030. It’s not like other spy cameras, which click the pictures first and download them later.

It’s like click the pictures and send them to the web at once. Clicking the images and sending the images to the web or destination is all done at once.

Spy Backpack Porta 2030 is capable of streaming the images to the web; this facility makes this camera stand out from other spy cameras.

The mobile-data sensing storage and transferring or transmission unit in the Spy Backpack Porta 2030 camera makes this feature happen.

This camera is also featured with hard drive, open-source system, 1 GB flash card, webcam and LCD mini-terminal.

Source: http://richair.waag.org/


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