sony debuts wind up cameraEveryone now-a-days is speaking about “green”.

Green is the new color of the millennium and everyone is getting conscious about the world around them and the things that cause damage to the eco-system.

Many eco-system lovers are not at all showing interest in products, which damage the Mother Earth in any of its forms.

Gadgets are the most important accessories in the today’s world.

They have become limb of the man and you cannot separate gadgets from the daily life.

The damages these gadgets do to our ecosystem are often overlooked, because of the benefits these gadgets provide.

You can not avoid these gadgets though they spoil the ecosystem.

So, you must choose green products, which provide you the comfort of the gadgets and does not spoil the eco-system.

One such product, a Wind-up camera, is introduced by Sony. This is spin-n-snap camera and does not need any batteries or power to work. The wheel in the camera must be rotated to produce power in clicking the images.

You can spin the wheel with your finger or can just roll down the wheel on any surface. Once you roll the wheel for 15 seconds, then there is the power for clicking one picture.

Again if you want to click the image, you need to roll the wheel again.

Sometimes these green products can be quite painful; you need to get ready for every shot. So, this is not preferred by professional photographers.



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