Photography is a passion and life for many. It is a science and art that freeze beautiful moments permanently to be cherished throughout the life. If you are a photographer then you surely have a drive to perfect your passion which leads you to end by buying different photography gears or equipment. At time buying these gears simply end up wasting your money as you do not get the desired result by using the gears. There are few photography equipment that you should never invest in buying.

5 Different Gears you should Never End up Buying:

You have to stay away from these gears which might be catchy, but is a sheer waste of your hard earned money. Make sure you buy quality gears. Inexpensive photographic gears might give you serious headache.

1. Too Many Camera Bags

camera bags

It is not easy to understand which bag will be best for your camera and the gears you will use. Control yourself and stop investing in camera bags randomly till you realize the requirement. It is smart to use a lens coat and a padded lens bag till you get the perfect bag for your camera.

2. Lens Brush

lens brush

This piece of gear is only for show as the blower does not have enough potency to blow off the dirt instead the bristles keep on shedding everywhere.

3. Bean Bag for your Camera

While taking pictures on a safari you might not be able to use a tripod. In these scenarios a padded jacket or sweater is handy as you do not have to prep the bean bag every time you need to click a picture. Honestly, the bean bag never comes out of the luggage.

4. Inexpensive UV Filters

UV filters

Economic UV filters might hamper the picture quality by making it soft. Choose the best quality UV filters available in the market.

5. Economic Tripod

Tripod is a very essential gear for photographers. Less expensive tripods may be very heavy and not so easy to handle. Try to invest in a tripod which is recommended by experts. Tripods should be light weight, rough and tough, easy to carry anywhere.

If you can control your urges to invest in a few of these above discussed photographic gears you will surely be able to save your hard earned money to invest in some sense necessary  gears. Instead, talk to a professional and learn about the must have tools for best photography and spend your money of worth.

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