new geo taggerYou must have come through many devices which provide you with the probability of Geo Tagging.

You may find these geo tagging devices very large and big to carry.

Sometimes, the synchronization into these devices can be quite daunting.

So, are you searching for a device that is pocket sized and just one stop shop for geo tagging?

Then the device to satisfy your needs is the Photo Finder. The software built in this device will automatically synchronize the photos and writes GPS data location on the photos directly.

You do not need any third party software for geo tagging the pictures around your geo network.

You do not even need a laptop to synchronize the photos. Photo Finder is like all done or exactly plug and play.

The photo finder supports only JPEG format files in the in-built SD card memory slot.

The USB port in the Photo Finder can be connected with a card reader, so even digital camera users can also write on their flash cards with the help of photo finder.



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