Well, photography is a profession which is so multi-dimensional that no matter how much an artist tries to explore, it never ends. Good photography can be done if the gadgets are right along with the camera. Just a camera is not enough to get the quality photograph you want.

There are so many gadgets available in the market now to enhance and better your photography skills and quality that one cannot get enough of it. These gadgets range from the lowest to the highest and are used by various types of photography artists in different fields.

There are different photography gadgets available for different niche. But there are a few gadgets which can be used by any and every artist irrespective of their fields. These are the gadgets that every artist wants but does not have. Let us take a look at the list of these gadgets.

6 Must-Have Photography Gadgets

1. The Lomography Petzval Lens

This gadget provides the artist with full control over the swirly bokeh of Petzval. It has a range of 7 rings to give you the choice of selecting how much swirly bokeh you want in your photograph. There are 6 aperture lenses which you can slide into the top of the lens. It comes in two variations as Nikon mount and as canon mount. You can purchase either according to your requirement. The images it produces are really very artsy and can give any photographer a boost to their photography skills.

2. Pico

If you are a photographer with new found interest in time-lapse photography and video graphy then this is just the gadget for you. This gadget basically triggers your camera to take a thousand clicks which are then brought together to form a time lapse video. Pico is adjustable both manually and with the mobile app. The interval and duration can be set accordingly. HDR and speed ramping options are also present as advanced options.

3. White balance filter

White balance filter is to set the white balance in your captured pictures. It is an easy to use gadget and very fast as well as convenient. It can easily be fit into the lens and snapped out of the lens with equal ease and it made of lens. It is compact and hence easy to store and helps in capturing beautiful landscapes.

4. Gold/silver/white reflectors

These reflectorsare basically the gadgets that you need to change when the light is reflecting on your subject. They can be used for both indoor as well as outdoor photography and are easy to fit in the camera according to the adjustment you need.

5. I-phone zoom lens

If you are someone who is into iphone photography then this is the right gadget for you. This gadget gives you the power of zooming in and out into great distances and your photographs can easily match the quality of that of a digital camera. These are a must buy for an iphone photography enthusiast and is perfect for candid shots with excellent clarity.

6. Camera clip

It gives a no-slip grip to your camera and helps you to tighten it with your bag strap or belt. It has sturdy screws providing the much needed constriction. It is very helpful when you are doing outdoor shooting and want to hold the camera properly to your body. It is quite easy to fasten and unfasten the clips. This gadget can even handle heavy camera setups.

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