modopocket micro tripodWhen you think of a tripod, the first thing you remember is the weight. Ask any professional photographer how painful it is to carry a tripod.

How do you feel if you get a tripod in small structure? Great right! Modopocket has introduced a tripod which is small and elegant, still providing you with the features of a normal tripod.

Modopocket Tripod is small in structure that you even forget you are carrying a tripod.

The micro tripod also has the features of the normal tripod, therefore you can install your camera on this tripod and click images.

You can even fold this tripod and even place this in your pocket, as it is just 6mm thick when folded.

Features of Modopocket Micro tripod:

  • Weight of the tripod is just 50 grams, very much less when compared to the normal tripod.
  • 6mm thick when folded and sits in your pocket without occupying much space.
  • Get attached via standard ¼” screws supporting offset mounts.

To know about the price details of this product, visit:


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