The best camera you can have is your eye. But thanks to technology that you can use another camera through which not only can you see but also capture those moments. These are I-phones. But hold your breath, not only do the phones have marvelous cameras there are those accessories for these camera phones that can help you to take professional level photographs. Here is a list of accessories that you can attach to your camera phone so that you can shoot like a pro.

photography gadgets for i-phoneiPhone Camera Accessories


It serves the basic purpose of providing some extra light just like any other flash. This is an LED flash called iFlash for iPhones (versions 4, 3GS, and 3G). The flash also serves a good purpose if you use it as a torch in “Torch mode” or as a flashlight. It is battery-free and draws power from the iPhone.

iPhone SLR mount

These are two mounts so that you can attach SLR lenses to your iPhone 5, 4S, and 4. But there are several small adjustments that you need to make to sync your iPhone with the lens when you focus on any object.


This is a three-in-one camera lens for iPhone 5, 4S, and 4. It has features like fish-eye, wide-angle, and macro lenses. You can fit the system to one side of your handset.

6X Telescope with case

Though your phones have a high zoom power but nothing works better than a telescope. This telephoto lens has a fixed 6X zoom facility. This helps you to take pictures from a distance.

iPhone and Android lens series

In this set there are four lenses… fisheye, wide angle, telephoto and macro. Your picture quality will improve with these lenses. Since they come with a detachable magnetic ring it is portable. You can purchase each lens separately if you want.

Grip Tight Gorilla Pod Stand

If you wish to take a steady shot from a different angle other than straight then this is the thing for you. It is flexible and it allows you to secure your phone to a metal pole, or a tree branch or even an uneven wall. Try using it for taking videos.

Tripod mount and stand

Nothing beats a tripod when it comes to taking steady pictures. There are tripods designed specifically iPhones.

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