pixxa digital photo frameAs Wi-Fi digital photo frame, Ality has also introduced wireless PIXXA digital photo frame, which enables you in sharing the pictures online.

You can send the pictures instantly or receive them at once from any corner of the world. Ality Wireless PIXXA is a smart and elegant device that organizes your life.

You can connect to several online photo uploading sites such as Flickr, Picasa, etc… or even you can connect to your computer for uploading the photos in just fraction of seconds with the help of Wi-Fi. It has even a memory slot which helps you in storing unlimited photos.

Highlights of PIXXA Digital Photo Frame:

Photo messenger:

  • You can communicate with photo messenger clients in the computers
  • You can receive photos from online sites such as Picasa, Flickr, Ality Online
  • Displays online status of your contacts
  • Sends and receives photos instantly
  • You can even share photos with non-photo frame owner through web online accounts


  • Provided with photo editing tools
  • You can update photos from various sources
  • Personalize the photos uploaded with captions
  • Manage photos with the background songs

Live News:

  • You are provided with the flexibility of picking your online news site from Ality Online
  • Can receive live news and alerts
  • Flash news alerts keep you informed with the updates

Live calendar:

  • Works even when the online photo frame is off
  • Displays a particular image at particular time or exactly at certain day and time
  • Synchronizes with Google online calendar

You can play your favorite songs in the background and can view the personalized slide show. You can pair your slide show picture with beats and rhythms that suits your mood.

For more details on this product, visit: http://www.wirelesspixxa.com


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