eye fi cards explorergb1The usage of memory cards in the camera brought a new revolution in the wireless technology.

The SD memory cards are very useful in transferring the data without the direct connection of the wire.

Well! The memory card professional Eye-Fi has come up with an innovative product that not only creates wireless hub in transmitting data, but also expanded the SD cards into Geo Tagging.

This gives the users flexibility in automatically uploading images while you are away from home.

You are provided with 10,000 hot spots from where you can upload photos from wireless networks.

Eye-fi has partnership with skyhook wireless in making this geo tagging successful. The embedded software helps you in locating the other geo-tagging users and shares your memory card photos with them.

The Eye-fi memory card uses the wireless technology to locate the users near by and then Wi-Fi access points transfers the pictures in the Skyhook coverage area.

Geotagging present in the Eye-fi SD memory card helps you to connect with different geo tagging users and makes your sharing easy.

Tagging is also supported by some online photo uploading sites such as Flickr and Picasa web albums.

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