diving mask cameraAre you interested in underwater photography? Many photographers who click underwater images face problem regarding the camera.

They feel that catching the camera underwater is quite tricky and clicking a picture is an overwhelming process for apprentice photographers.

As the image clicking process is risky, you cannot avoid your interest in clicking underwater images.

There is a gadget, Diving Mask Camera, which enhances your interest in taking underwater images.

Rather than preferring bulky digital camera, prefer this diving mask which is installed with an in-built camera.

Liquid image digital water camera built in the diving mask records underwater videos and images without holding the camera in hand and makes your hands free.

To click the picture or record the video underwater, all you need to do is lineup the masks and press the click button.

The camera mask has an inbuilt memory slot and when you click the image, it goes into the memory slot. Micro SD cards are the storage cards in the diving mask camera. You can upload the pictures in diving mask via USB into the computer.

This diving mask can click the underwater images up to 30 meters deep. The smaller edition in this diving mask camera holds 3.1 mega pixels, while the adult version of the camera comes with 5 mega pixels.

For price details of this product, visit: http://www.likecool.com



  1. wow i would love to try this how much does these snorkel thingies cost to buy great article

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