digital foci pocket albumThinking of giving a latest gadget as a gift for your loved ones? Then one of the gadgets to give as a gift is Digital Foci Pocket Album.

Features of Digital Foci Pocket Album:

  • You can view the photos anytime and anywhere.
  • It can hold the pictures up to 74 with 8MB memory.
  • You can scroll the photos manually or run a slide show.
  • Battery gives the album 9 hours life.
  • The user friendly Photo Viewer Software converts your images to Digital foci pocket album format. The software lets you crop, rotate, resize, and transfer the photos easily.
  • 1.5” Color LCD screen.
  • Contrast in the screen is adjustable for getting optimum view angle.
  • Compact and light weight design.

The lithium battery present in the Digital Foci Album can be easily charged with an AC Adapter or with USB power supply in the computer. The pocket album looks like a small keychain and gives a lovable look to the album.

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