Cool Gadgets for Photography Lovers

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In today’s generation, people tell their stories and experiences not by narrating it in words but through the lens of the camera that speak for eternity. You can always tell your friends you visited a country side manor with forests on one side that had beautiful birds and animals peeping once in a while. But you can’t make them feel how beautiful the place was until you capture a moment in eternity of the sap green leaves and the blue white sky. A true photography lovers can make their pictures speak- be it by a point and shoot or a DSLR.

Following are some of the coolest gadgets that a true photographer like you shouldn’t live without.

Camera USB Drive

Camera USB Drive

So you love to click your images through a DSLR? Why don’t you transfer your images through a DSLR? This amazingly cool miniature DSLR with intricate details is actually a USB drive which is able to carry large numbers of pure creation. Use it to transfer your images for printing or giving it to your friends, a cool photographer always deserves a cool photography gadget like this one.

Camera Phone Lenses

Camera Phone Lenses

These are great enhancements for your phone to aid in photography moments. Just get this attached to your cell phone and bring a great change from standard flat phone photos into high standard and up-close shots. These can be attached to any camera phone and does not need much of technical knowledge – you have all the guidelines on the package box. The lens has a detachable magnetic ring that keeps it well gripped to your phone, thus there is a firm and strong hold between the two. 

Pop up Flash Bounce

Pop up Flash Bounce

How many of you faced the problem of using a flash in a dark place or to highlight someone’s face and only came up with a lot of noise and red eyes? That’s because you are directing the flash directly on the subject. Use this pop up flash bounce that opens upwards and as a result spreads to a wider distance. With no red eyes and noise, indoor photography will never be as awesome as this.

Solar Powered Camera Strap

It’s every photographer’s dream to seize the moment when it most matters. But often there’s the problem that your camera battery gives up on you at the right moment. Powered through solar panels on the camera strap, these convert the solar energy into chemical energy that is transmitted to you battery and charges it throughout. These straps will make sure you never miss your moment again.

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