bluetooth usb adapterMany people who have camera in their cell phones avoid using digital cameras as a source of clicking images.

If you are one among such persons, you must have faced problems regarding the uploading of these cell camera photos into the laptop or computer.

If you are quite lucky enough to have an in-built Bluetooth facility in the laptop or computer, you can send these images via Bluetooth.

What if you do not have an in-built Bluetooth facility in your laptop or computer? You need to send the images through USB connection while messing up with the cables that connect the phone and the computer.

Instead of all this messy wires, you can pick up a Belkin Bluetooth USB adapter that provides you to upload the images easily.

This Bluetooth also comes with Kodak[Kodak digital Camera] Picture Upload Technology which makes the uploading from the cell to computer easy. You even get KODAK Picture Mover software, which makes the uploading easy.

Features of Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter with Kodak Technology:

  • This saves the images with full resolution from your camera cell into your laptop or computer.
  • You can easily share picture with online photography sites such as, Kodak gallery and FACEBOOK.
  • You can connect the phone to the system without tangled wires and messy connections.
  • The USB Bluetooth Adapter can also be compatible with other Bluetooth devices such as PDA’s, Headsets and Printers.
  • This Belkin Bluetooth USB Adapter with Kodak Technology has an improved Bluetooth technology making the accessing of the Bluetooth easy and gives you quicker connection time.

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