panny32 gbsd cardWith the revolution brought by the camcorders and digital cameras in photography, the use of memory cards is also increased.

As the use of these SD memory cards increase the necessity, these larger memory devices had came into the picture.

There are many companies that are introducing SD memory cards into the market.

But, all these SD memory cards are not proven to provide you with the large capacity.

Even though they have large memory, their working abilities are lowered. In this case, two companies have made SD memory cards.

Panasonic has come up with 32GB SDHC card, which has the writing speed of Class 6.

This 32GB panasonic SDHC card can hold the standard high definition video up to 8 hours with a resolution of 1440 x 1080i.

Class 6 speed can scream data at a rate of 20MB per second and this holds 6,000 still pictures with 12 Mega Pixel resolutions.

sonymemory stick 16gb

Sony has introduced a 16 GB version of the Dual Memory Stick Pro. But, the main defect with this Memory card is, it works only on Sony products.




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