One of the best things about most digital cameras is the flash-on or fill flash on mode. When you’re in charge of the flash and when it comes out, it allows you to take some excellent outdoor shots, especially portraits on bright days.

When the flash is on, the camera will expose for the background first. It will then add the right amount of flash to lighten up your subject.

This method generally produces some professional looking photos with excellent composition. You’ll find that most wedding photographers use this procedure when taking shots outdoors.

Once you get used to using an outdoor flash, you can experiment a little by placing your subject in a spot where the sun can illuminate their hair from the back or side. This is generally known as rim lighting.

Another technique is to place the person in the shade, such as under a tree, and then illuminate them with the flash. This will allow the person to pose without having to squint from the sunlight and usually results in a relaxed portrait.

However, don’t forget that most flashes that are built into digital cameras are only useful for about 10 to 15 feet, so make sure you’re in range when taking the photo.


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