When it comes to setting the digital camera’s resolution, there are typically a few options, but the best thing to do is set it to high resolution just about all of the time.

It’s worth getting a huge memory card so you can always shoot at the highest resolution possible. In fact, why buy a good eight megapixel camera if you’re not going to take advantage of it and shoot at eight megapixels.

Yes, it’s true, you’ll get a lot more photos onto your memory card if you lower the resolution, but these images are really only good enough for viewing on a computer screen.

When it comes time to print them, they’ll be about the size of a postage stamp if they were taken at a low resolution such as 640 x 480 dpi.

However, if the photos are taken at 2272 x 1704 dpi or higher, you won’t have a problem printing them off as 8- x 10-inch photos. The larger resolution will also allow you to crop the images and still be able to produce a good sized print.

But the main reason to shoot in high resolution is because you never know when you’re going to capture an image that you want to keep, print, and share with others. If you have the memory and the capability, there’s not really any reason to shoot at a lower resolution.


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