A lot of stores are selling cameras on the basis that they have large digital zoom capabilities. However, you shouldn’t really care what the digital zoom is; you should be focusing on the optical zoom if you’re serious about photography.

The digital zoom actually uses guesswork or interpolation when it zooms in on your image. Using this method will usually result in fuzzy photos or at least pictures that aren’t as crisp and clear as they should be. This can especially be seen if you blow the photos up into a larger size. But the optical zoom acts as a true zoom lens and it won’t affect the quality and pixels of your shots.

Why a Higher Optical Zoom Is Better than a Digital Zoom?

If you use the camera’s digital zoom and then view the photos on a computer screen it should look fine. But as soon as you increase the size of the photo you’ll start to see the quality decrease. This is basically like trying to blow up a photo that has a low DPI. For example, the quality could be 72 DPI and as soon as you blow it up, it becomes distorted. Basically, the more you zoom in, the less clarity the photo will have.

However, an optical zoom will take the photo at a higher resolution, such as 300 DPI. This means the image is a lot larger and can be increased in size on your computer screen without losing any clarity. This allows you to print the photos at a larger size. Of course, cameras with a higher optical zoom will typically cost a bit more, but the better quality is usually worth it to most photographers.

Just remember it’s always a good idea to do more research on topics such as optical and digital zooms before shelling out your money on a new camera. Make sure you understand which type of zoom is the most beneficial to you.


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