Most of today’s digital cameras come with reset modes that are designed to help you take better photos in certain situations and lighting conditions. These can often result in better images than just pointing and shooting with the camera in the automatic setting.

You should always read the owner’s manual when buying a new camera to learn what each setting is to be used for and how it may help in your photography.

  • The night mode is designed to help you get better shots in low-light situations.
  • The portrait setting is designed to bring clarity to the image and attention to your subject while the remainder of the shot typically comes out slightly blurred.
  • The landscape mode will sharpen the whole photo, not just the area you have focused on. This is ideal for shots of the countryside, beach, mountains, etc.
  • A Sunrise and/or sunset mode will automatically adjust the camera’s internal settings to allow you to take photos under these tricky light conditions.
  • The sports or motion setting is designed to let you get better action shots of moving subjects by adjusting the internal aperture and exposure time. This is ideal for sporting events where you want to capture the fast action.

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