A fluorescent lighting fixture is made up of two major items, the ballast and the lamp. A fluorescent tube holds mercury vapor that is ionized by an electrical current that flows through it. This is able to create visible light when it strikes phosphors that coat the inner tube. This type of lighting is more efficient, cooler and lasts longer than hot lights such as metal halide and tungsten.

Fluorescent lights are popular for digital and analog photography, video, studio, stage, film, TV and medical purposes.

Fluorescent lighting is less expensive as it uses just a fraction of power when compared to other types of lighting systems.

They are comfortable and cool and also safer to handle. New phosphor coatings are so correct that you will usually only need little filtration or none at all and the lights render skin tones very well.

Fluorescent lighting is ideal for large areas and can create a soft, uniform light that’s quite easy to control. The lights come color-corrected for tungsten and daylight. This will let you combine fluorescent lighting systems with other systems, both artificial and natural.

You can also get light modifiers and accessories to help effect your lighting. Some of these include: barn doors, louvers, grids, reflectors, and filters. Fluorescent lighting is quite common in digital and video systems as they’re easy to transport, control, and handle.

Fluorescent lighting costs just a few dollars for a lamp up to a few thousand for a system kit.


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