professional photographerDigital cameras have always been luring customers with the latest technology, in particular semi automatic and automatic shooting modes.

Almost all these modes revolve around a range of techniques of exposing your shots. Many cameras also offer a variety of focus modes including auto focus, continuous focus, moving objects focus and so on.

Very obviously, even professional photographers would never need to manually focus on the object.

Both these modes of manual and auto focus can produce equally great photos at any time of the day. There is no specific time or light conditions when either of the modes is better.

However, we generally switch over to manual focus while carrying out macro photography. With these kinds of photographs having an extremely slim field depth, you need to be very accurate on choosing the focus of your subject else it might ruin the shot completely.

To get the best results without any movement, you might need to make use of the camera’s tripod; otherwise even the slightest movement can make your life miserable during the shoot. Moreover, it is totally your call when you opt for manual focus.

If in auto focus, you will notice your camera is facing some trouble in dimly lit environments. The subject’s focus keeps changing from one to another.  This would increase the duration of each of your shoots and make supposedly quick and candid photo shoots pretty annoying.

It is sometimes better switching to manual focus mode to quickly get hold of your focus subject and get your desired shot.


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