Even when you use the digital camera’s auto focus mode you can still get out-of-focus photos because the camera doesn’t know exactly what you want to focus on. A good way to make you’re your camera is focusing on the right subject or object is to use its focal lock feature.

If your camera has focal lock capability it’s pretty simple to use. All you have to do is pose the subject and frame the person.

When doing so, place the central point of the frame on the spot you want to focus on. The best point is usually the face of the person.

When the centre of the image is filled with the person’s face, just press the shutter button down half way. This will send a message to the camera telling it where to focus.

Keep the button pressed half way down and move the camera to frame the shot the way you want it. The person’s face no longer has to be centered.

When you’re happy with the framing, just fully press the shutter down and take the photo. The image will be captured with the correct focusing even if the centre of the image isn’t the subject’s face.

This method is good for taking shots of people who aren’t central in the photo and is also useful in things like macro and landscape photography. For instance, if you want to focus on something in the foreground of a landscape shot that’s off centre, instead of focusing on the horizon.


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