fashion photographyThe fashion industry cannot be imagined working without state of the art tools like Adobe Photoshop.

It is just how things work, every photograph taken is post processed and enhanced.

The breath taking images that appear in every magazine, commercial or catalogue, are the proof for all of this.

But what makes one photographer better than another is the skill that allows making a photograph that will look the same with the one that has been digitally enhanced after taking.

In the fashion industry what comes before Adobe Photoshop is the focus of the light. That is the secret of the world’s best photographers.

Light manipulation has become an art rather than a technique that is taught in school. Although it may seem easy for those who never tried it, it is one of the hardest things to master, and for those that are in the fashion photography business it might be considered the most important one.

Different angles result in different photos. Every light beam accents a part of the image and every shade covers one. So, creating a perfect set for a photo shoot and finding the right angle that will visually express the goal of the image is not an easy thing to do.

It is different every time. Photographers use different settings and methods depending on what should be the first thing that has to catch the eye of everyone that will see the picture.

If, for example, the photographer needs or wants to emphasize the clothes more than the model that is wearing them, then he will need to put all the lights and focus on them.

For this the set has to be arranged perfectly. There must be no reflections that could ruin the photo and a bit too much light will damage the colors.

Everything has to be balanced perfectly and every beam should be focused on the right spot no matter if the goal is to emphasize the clothes, the shoes, the face, the eyes, or the lips.

In some cases and different photographer styles light manipulation may become shade manipulation because hiding an object of the photo behind a shade will bring in front the rest of the objects in it.

On the other hand, if the shade falls on the part that has to be accented, then that particular photo will not be of any use. So, sometimes, shades are good but sometimes they are bad.

Every fashion photographer knows this and that is why light manipulation comes as the key ingredient before Photoshop in the fashion photography business.



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