There are some cameras available that allow you to take photos without having to focus. With these cameras, the focal point of the lens is fixed at a distance and is already focused.

The settings on these lenses can’t be changed and most of these types of cameras are disposable or are lower-priced compact or point and shoot models.

The lenses are typically wide angle and also come with a fixed aperture on them. A focus free lens will depend on the depth of field to create clear, sharp images.

Most focus free cameras come with a small aperture which enables it to increase the depth of field. The cameras often use a viewfinder for composition purposes and are basically all automatic as there’s no manual manipulating involved with them.

A focus free camera is usually pretty inexpensive to manufacture and this keeps their sales costs down. They’re quite easy to use, but make sure you’re at the proper distance to get your subject in focus.

If you’re too close to the subject, you won’t be able to get a sharp image up as the lens can’t fill the frame with a person’s face as well as focus it at the same time. Some types of disposable cameras with focus free lenses can be purchased for under $10.

Photo Credit: Arlene Gee


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