Candles can be used as a unique source of light in photography and can produce some breathtaking images. However, because candlelight temperature differs to daylight, bulb light, and flash, you need to have a bit of experience.

Candles can be used just as a source to light objects in a scene, they can also be featured in photos as well as a light source, and can be used solely as the object of the photo.

When using candles, remember to eliminate other sources of light in the scene.

You need to do this as your goal is to create an effect that’s based on unique characteristics of the candlelight, such as colour and warmth.

Make sure your flash is also off and then experiment taking candlelight photos.

Remember that candlelight isn’t as powerful as other light sources so you will need to take photos in a low-light, slow shutter speed scenario.

Ideally, you want to maximize the aperture width while minimizing the shutter speed. You may also want to use a tripod and try a few shots with a timer.

Candles naturally flicker, so choosing the shutter speed can be hard. However, this is the fun of experimenting as you can take shots with various speeds to see what the effects and results are.


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