Do you want to maximize sharpness in your photography? First of all, to improve or maximize sharpness in taking pictures, you should understand that sharpness and resolution are different and doesn’t mean the same.

Actually sharpness includes resolution and also edges, contrast, at times even visual illusion. However, here are few tips for you to maximize sharpness, focus and also potential to improve your photography.

Use slow ISO film

If you use slow ISO film that has better color saturation and finer grain in your cameras, it will help you greatly to maximize sharpness in photographs. However, if you are taking pictures of moving objects slow ISO films are not recommended.

Prefer smaller lens

When you are focusing closely at a view, wide angle lens [Camera Lens] can cause distorted horizontal lines in your photographs.

So, try to go for smaller lens that can increase the depth of the field and also gives you an illusion of sharpness in your photographs.

Include high contrast elements

Do you know that high contrast photographs look sharper? If so, it is not necessary for you to say incorporate high contrast elements.

When you are looking for a beautiful scene to photograph, especially look for places that include lot of contrast elements in it.

Balance the weight of the camera

If you are not able to balance the weight of the camera properly, it can result in shaken pictures. So, balance the camera in right way.

Use tripod if you are unable to get support. However, while using the tripod, ensure that your foot is not an inch away from tripod.

Purchase quality lenses in your budget

Sharpness in your photography always starts with the lens. So, go for the best lens you actually afford in your budget.

Lenses with high resolution and color contrast can help you long way to take good photographs.

Use faster shutter speeds for moving objects

When you are working on a human subject, it is possible to control the speed. But, if you are taking pictures of moving objects of nature like moving water, you cannot control the speed of the object to take better pictures. So, it would be better for you to use faster shutter speeds.



  1. When taking digital photo of architecture featuring sharp lines,one wants to maximize detail. Is it not recommended to pull back on resolution in order to minimize grain and white line/ black line thickness?
    Graininess from the brick and thick lines may hide detail and wash out some color?

  2. I would also suggest fast prime lenses. Primes will get you larger apertures letting you use lower ISOs and faster shutter speeds. Prime lenses are usually the cheapest way to get great quality shots.

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