indoor photographyBy now you are most likely very well read and educated on the lighting techniques of digital photography whether you are an amateur or professional.

Every photographer even if it is just a hobby knows photography in general but especially digital photography is essentially all about capturing light.

And, we know that there are different types of light sources that can drastically change the way the finished product of our digital photography looks.

When you are dealing with indoor photos you are also dealing with indoor light sources. And it is obvious that the light provided by the sun is far brighter and more pure than any light that could be provided by a table side lamp or a ceiling fan light.

The more light you add to your indoor photography the better your lighting in the digital photography will appear. There are many different sources for alternative and additional lighting in indoor photos.

In fact you will most likely prefer to have complete control over your lighting sources and make the environment as bright as possible to avoid having to use the camera flash on your digital camera.


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