photography lightingIf you are a seasonal digital photographer and even if you are just beginning your photography career or hobby and still consider yourself an amateur you will still understand the importance of and effects of controlled lighting on a photo shoot or subject of a photo shoot.

The way in which your controlled photography lighting sources ‘hits’ the subject of your photography can drastically change the feeling of the final product.

If the controlled lighting sources in your photograph will hit the side or profile of your subject then your final product will result in many contrasting elements between the shadows and the features of your subject.

If your subject is a person, the lighting source hitting the profile of the person will result in contrasting shadows in their profile and facial features.

Another way to play with controlled lighting sources is to have the lighting ‘hit’ the back of the subject. When lighting hits the back of the subject your final product will produce a very well-lit background and a quite dim foreground. Or, you could hit the subject from the front to ensure everything in the final photograph is visible.


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