In the world of photography red eye doesn’t come from drinking too much it’s actually something that’s quite common in photos that are taken with a flash. It’s such a small flaw; however it can often spoil an otherwise perfect image.


Red eye is caused by taking photos in dark and dim settings when you use a flash. The light of the flash then reflects off of the eyes of your subject and it causes them to look red. This is due to the fact that the blood vessels in their retinas are illuminated by the light of the flash.

There are a few ways you can eliminate this problem. You should only use the flash when absolutely necessary. If you’re not sure if you have enough light you can take a couple of test shots to find out.

If you need to use a flash, then ask the subject not to look straight into the lens of the camera. Also, some cameras may come with a red-eye reduction mode.

If you do get stuck with some photos that have red eye in them you can usually correct the problem in most types of computer photo-editing software programs.

Some types of printers may also have the same feature and use an automatic instant-fix program before printing them.


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