Have you ever tried to know about your camera shutter speed while clicking the image of a fast moving object? Have you tried clicking a fast moving animal and missed the shot in fraction of seconds? Every apprentice photographer might have experienced this problem while capturing a fast moving object.

shutter speed

The time lapse of clicking the shutter button and capturing the image on the image sensors will be very short. If the time lapse is not short, then you will click a shot and capture another shot.

The time lapse should be very less to capture the exact shot what you have clicked. All this process can be controlled by maintaining shutter speed. The other important aspects in exposure triangle which are supported with shutter speed are aperture and ISO!

What is shutter speed?

Shutter speed in normal terms is explained as “the amount of time the shutter is open”. The image sensors present in the camera captures the pictures. Light supports the image’s sensors to capture the pictures.

The shutter is the main source to capture the light on the image sensors. The image is captured on the image sensors when the shutter is closed. The image sensors will be searching for the images (light) and clicks the images of the subject which it sees lastly. So, image sensors capture the images just before the shutter closes.

Importance of shutter speed:

If you are clicking the image of a flying bird, you should have a fast shutter speed. If the shutter speed is slow, then you can miss the bird and just click the background. For e.g., if you are clicking the image of a flying bird, you just want the bird with a background.

If the shutter speed is slow, then you will click the image of the bird’s background while the bird passes away. So, a fast shutter speed is necessary for clicking fast images and also the images which you wanted.

Many photographers might have experienced this problem when they are trying to click kid’s images. Kids do not stay in a place and they are very fast in their movements. While you hit the shutter button to close, you find every gesture of the kid is normal.

Once you hit the shutter button, the kid changes the gestures or moves from the picture frame and you are left with a blank photo. So, a faster shutter speed stores the images of the kid which you wanted as the shutter closes at once after you click the shutter button.

Things to know about shutter speed:

  • Shutter speed is measured in seconds: 1/60, 1/300 etc… The bigger denominator designates the faster shutter speed.
  • The minimum shutter speed is 1/60, as lower than this shutter speed will give shake or blurs in the images.
  • If the shutter speed is less than 1/60, then use of a tripod is mandatory to avoid blurs.
  • Remember, aperture is inversely proportional to shutter speed. If you increase the aperture by one, then you should decrease the shutter speed by one.
  • Focal length and shutter speed: If clicking images of larger focal lengths, there is a chance to get blurred pictures. So, minimize the shutter speed to avoid blur in the images.

Remember that by setting a lower shutter speed, you are minimizing the time lapse between your clicking and the shutter closing. So, if you are clicking the pictures of any fast moving objects, then set the shutter speed lower for capturing the real frame you wanted.


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