Many digital camera models have a noise-reduction mode on them. The feature is designed to guess which pixels in the image are grainy or noisy and then remove them from the photo.

This makes sense because you usually want sharp and clear images with no graininess in them. Because of this, most people leave the noise-reduction option of the camera on.


However, on sunny, bright days and in other well-lit conditions, the noise reduction isn’t usually necessary.

The camera will receive plenty of light and the photos should be clear and sharp in these situations as the exposures can be done very quickly.

If you’re taking photos of something or somebody and you want to capture as much detail as possible, you may want to turn the noise-reduction feature off.

This is because the camera may possibly remove some of the detail from the image if it believes it’s noise.

It may be a better idea to turn the feature off and then reduce the noise from your photos when editing them in a software program. This allows you to keep the original photos.

Also, the camera will reduce the noise in the image before it saves the photo. This takes a little bit of time and it will slow things down if you want to take photos in rapid succession.


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