If you are a photography enthusiast or a photographer, then you must have heard over and over again that you should be shooting in RAW. RAW is basically a file format which captures all of the image data which is recorded by the sensor when you click a photograph. As compared to shooting in JPEG, there is no loss or compression of image information in RAW. There are many other benefits of shooting in this mode and the following are the top ones:

reasons why you should be shooting in RAW

Highest Quality Level

One of the main benefits of shooting in RAW format is that you get the highest quality level when you shoot in this mode.  This is because there is no information loss and you tend to obtain awesome photographs when results are out. When one shoots in RAW, then he/she can do the processing himself and take the decision about how the image would appear.

Better Levels of Brightness

Another benefit or advantage of shooting in RAW mode is that you get a greater level of brightness of pictures.  JPEG records only 256 levels of brightness whereas RAW records between 4096 and 16384 levels! The effect of this feature on the image is huge and once you start shooting in this mode, you won’t be able to go back to JPEG.

Easy Correction of Under Exposed Images

Another benefit of shooting in the RAW format is that this mode allows improving and correcting under exposed images. Sometimes we end up clicking very under exposed images when things are moving too fast but this can be improved as with RAW, one has the facility of a lot of extra information in the file as well. Thus it is simpler to correct images without reduction in the quality.

Easy Adjustments in White Balance

It is much easier and simpler to adjust white balance when you shoot in the RAW mode.  This isn’t the case when shooting in JPEG since white balance is applied in that mode and one cannot choose any other option just like that.

Better Detail

There is the option of sharpening and making other changes in a program like Lightroom which makes way for better detail in RAW format. Also, the sharpening and noise algorithms are always improving which means that you can visit the RAW files in the future and make use of the improvements.

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