manual focusWith auto focusing all we do is aim for our subject and then shoot, whereas with manual focus you have to focus on the subject on your own.

So why use the manual focus when you can use auto which appears faster and hassle free? Well read on and you will find out.

In places where there is dim light, the auto focus may fail in focusing on your subject. With manual focus, it reduces the time that you are going to spend in trying to get your auto focus working. Just do it on your own and find your focusing point.

Focusing can be a challenge for cameras in places with low lighting that is why auto focus can fail.

When shooting sport events and other fast moving pictures, manual focus meets the mark. All you have to do is focus your camera on a place where you know your subject is going to pass through and then shoot.

You better have great timing and precision but either way you get better results than when using auto focus.

Manual focus also gives better picture output when you are taking photographs of your subject that is separated from you by a fence or glass.

Auto focus will get confused on where to focus and distort the whole picture outlook altogether. Switch to manual focusing and see the difference.

Subjects that are too close such as in micro photography and those that are too far are a challenge to auto focus. In micro photography, you need to be very accurate and exact when shooting.

You don’t want to take a series of the wrong shots just because your camera is failing to focus. Auto focus has certain criteria as to the distance of a subject from the camera.

Going too close or too far might be going beyond the criteria hence the picture distortion. With manual focus, no matter how close the subject is, it takes in every detail and is distortion free.

Precise focusing is required when you are shooting portraits. Manual focusing enables precise shooting with fewer occurrences of mistakes. But after a few shots you are bound to have two or three perfect shots.

I have mentioned several reasons as to why manual focus is preferred in digital photographs.

But it will not be of any help if you do not learn all the rules and tricks in the bag for you to use it effectively. Then you can enjoy the pluses of using the manual focus.


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