To consistently take good sharp digital photographs you need to have an adequate amount of light as it’s one of the most important ingredients in photography. Lighting[Lighting techniques] makes photography possible as it reflects off of the subject and enters your camera.

The light that falls on a subject from a direct source is known in photography as incident light. When this type of light strikes a surface, it changes direction; this is known as reflection.

Lighting conditions can basically be classified by the general type of light that’s available.

This can be direct lighting, diffuse lighting, or ambient lighting. Each type of lighting means different approaches and techniques from the photographer.

You may be taking shots in a studio or outdoors, using existing light, flashes, sidelight, or backlight.

The combinations and types of lighting in photography are almost endless. There are many different types of lighting accessories that are available to help you achieve the proper amount of light for your photographs. These include flashes, meters, lights, filters, and reflectors. These accessories can range in price from just a few dollars up to a few thousand.

It’s a good idea to do a little bit of homework on lighting if you take photography serious as it can mean the difference between an excellent and mediocre photo.


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