Hyperfocal distance is a term often used when talking about photography and is a term which most photographers would have heard for before. When the camera is focused at the hyperfocal distance, maximum sharpness from half this distance all the way to infinity can be ensured.

The concept of hyperfocal distance is mainly used in landscape photography and by using it; the most of the depth of field can be made. By focusing a shot at hyperfocal distance, a much more detailed final print can be obtained and this is why it is used.
Knowing what is the point of hyperfocal distance for a given aperture and focal length is a tricky process and the following given points will help you calculate it:

hyperfocal distance in photography

  • The hyperfocal distance is the focus of distance which places the farthest point of a depth of field at infinity. If a photographer focusses his/her camera at any point closer, then the distant background would appear to be very soft. But if one focusses his/her camera at any point further, then the depth of field’s most distant portion would get wasted.
  • The best way to optimize the focusing of distance is visually and for this, you will first need to focus on the most distant object in your shot and then adjust the focusing distance manually as close as you can. But remember that while doing so, a sharp background must be retained.

Precautions to be Taken While Focusing at Hyperfocal Distance

  • One of the major problems with hyperfocal distance is that a distant background is mostly barely acceptably sharp because it is located on the furthest edge of the depth of field. Thus this can lead to a loss in sharpness and quality especially in the case when a scene is made up of distant objects mainly, like in landscapes.
  • Thus it is important to keep in mind that the concept of hyperfocal distance may not be right for those photos which demand you to click quickly or with limited depth of field.
  • Hyperfocal distance is best implemented in the case when the subject matter is far into the distance and where no particular area of the scene requires more sharpness than the other. It is advisable to use as near a hyperfocal distance as possible whenever you cannot use the exact hyperfocal distance for your shots.

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